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The most anticipated, career changing event in Australian Real Estate History.

Tom Panos : Tom Panos is one of Sydney’s leading real estate auctioneers as well as being a sought after key note corporate speaker.

Recently Tom was voted, by YOU, as the best speaker at AREC coming in only second to the headliner, Chris Gardner, who they made the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ about.
Tom has achieved extraordinary results professionally in senior executive roles, holds a Masters Degree in Management, tertiary coaching qualification in coaching psychology from Sydney University and is the author of a number of business professional development programs.
Tom is regarded as Australia’s premier authority on Real Estate marketing and considered by his peers and Australia’s leading real estate agents as the No. 1 educator and thought leader in his field. Tom also lectures across Australia on House Price Maximisation strategies and is one of few experts in this field that is able to use evidence base data to support his views on this area.
Tom has featured on a number of real estate and business shows on TV which includes ‘Under the Hammer’, ‘Auction Squad’ and ‘Real Estate News’ on SKY News Business.
Tom is a weekly commentator on SKY News Business, Channel 602 each week and presents the best homes in Australia that News Ltd has carried in its publications and provides buyers and sellers great tips to win in the marketplace.
Tom’s most influential program “Winners in Business” which he produced with Gerry Harvey, Mark Bouris and John Symond resulted in the profits to be distributed to the Institute of Haematology at RPA hospital in Sydney raising money towards cancer research. (Tom was a patient at this unit while undergoing cancer treatments from 2006-2008.)

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