If you’re a real estate landlord, how do you know if your plumber is charging you correctly?

How to know if your plumber is charging you correctly?

This is a true fact that happens in all homes. Most of us don’t even know whether the cost that has incurred because of some plumbing problems is the true value or is it a trick done by the plumber? Often people think that their plumber will be loyal and whatever they charge might be correct. This is not the case always. At times, it is easily distinguishable between better and substandard works. This article will guide you through the various factors to bear in mind while trying to figure whether the plumber is charging the right amount or not.

1) Some plumbers are not licensed and they do work very cheaply and hence the work will be of substandard level. Therefore, check the land lord plumber in Adelaide Hillsplumber of license and insurance. Though a licensed plumber seems more expensive, they have their responsibility which unlicensed plumber will not have.

2) Ask your tradesman to physically come and visit the problem. Do not tell the details over the phone itself. Not even the best plumber can provide best solutions by hearing the problem and not visually seeing it. Few tradesman might charge a callout fee and it is worth giving because only then the plumber will have an idea of solving the problem.

3) Another important method to check whether your plumber charges right price is to get quotes from various contractors and cross check the amount against your plumber’s value.

4) Always check the model and make number of the repaired parts with the quotes because sometimes there might be a change in the model number and because of that you will be charged more.

5) Get a receipt from the Hills plumber and manually check what all he has bought and what is the market price of those items.

6) Be clear on how many plumbers will be needed, how many hours It will take them to complete the job, what kind of fees are included, ensuring whether the job is completed in a satisfactory way.

7) All companies charge a minimum one hour charge. If your problem is solved before that, keep the business busy by telling them to check few other things as well. Utilize the free time and keep them busy.

8) Never pay the full amount in advance especially if you are a property manager. Pay them only when the work is done and you are satisfied with the work. You can pay for buying parts and labour but not the entire fee for the job.